Meet the Team

Rachel Fletcher

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Rachel came to yoga in her early 40s and has been immersed in the yoga practice over the last few years. She enjoys many styles but has found her daily practice with Rocket inspired Vinyasa and slower Yin. She has studied with Fierce Grace senior teachers, Michele Pernetta, Emma Croft and Karen Bellfield and gives thanks to them for their belief in her during her transition from student to teacher. Further studies with Jamie Clarke of the Yoga People, who is a student to both the late Larry Shultz, Rocket creator and Paul and Suzie Grilley, the pioneers in modern Yin and Chakra theory, have enabled Rachel to further understand the deeper practices of yoga and its philosophy.

Off the mat, Rachel is a wife and mother of twins and also an accountant.

Felisa Dalorto

My classes balance a strong respect for the traditions of yoga with an element of light heartedness and fun. I teach challenging yoga classes that place importance on building a steady, strong Ujjayi breath. I love it when people breathe deep, try new things, smile, and sweat!

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Yoga is a wonderful way to add positive experiences to your life feel happier and feel younger and more energised!

Yoga compliments many exercise programmes, it can be a great way to get fit on its own or it can be enjoyed as relaxing, social activity. Yoga promotes both physical and mental relaxation, it can support recovery from illness or injury. Yoga has changed my life. I discovered yoga five years ago due to an illness which meant I had to stop my usual fitness regime of running, cycling and weights. Yoga
was my recovery tool. I fell in love with the practice as my body slowly began to soften, release and heal.  Ever since, I have become hugely passionate about sharing the gift of yoga, the ability to move the body with the breath, find space for the body and mind, and to re-connect and balance.

My aim is to provide the same opportunity for my students. I want to enable others to harness the incredible positive power of yoga for the mind and body and to have students doing headstands in their nineties. My classes are physically and mentally challenging but I provide a friendly, relaxed and fun environment in which to learn. I place emphasis on the breath which enables a student’s practice to flow freely and with presence. I am enthusiastic and passionate about teaching yoga and this is reflected in my classes. You will work hard but stay safe and feel supported throughout!  

I am inspired by all of my teachers including Erin Prichard, Dani Hickey Becky Farbstein and Stewart Gilchrist.


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Claire Williams