Our Classes

Please have alook at the classes we currenetly offer. There is a class to suit everyome. 


Alchemy Yin/Yang

60 minutes yin to yang class - Starting with lengthy stretches, moving to a more dynamic vinyasa. Waking a different part of the body each day eg Monday think hamstrings and groin, then a Rocket inspired vinyasa (breath to movement) practice, which will leave you feeling energised. 

Dynamic 75 Class

Felisa's classes are physically challenging and focus on building a steady, strong practice. Her classes are light hearted and alignment based, with an intentional focus on breath. She encourages you to delve deeper into the physical practice of yoga. She loves it when you breathe deep, try new things, smile and sweat!



Progressive Vinyasa Flow 60

Rocket Inspired Power Yoga - All levels. Take the easy, middle or harder option depending on how your body is feeling today.

Slow Hatha Flow 75

Gentle progressive Hatha flow. Start with pranayama and build to a standing sequence, closing with seated postures and, of course, a savasana.



Yin Yoga 60

60 minutes slow floor based stretching. The yoga equivalent to a massage, we will find tight spots and release them gently using bolsters and blankets. Candlelight and soft music are added to aid relaxation.